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Re: Anyone else find Naomi Wildman annoying?

I find the whole fcuking series annoying, there's a posh b!tch as captin, some slaphead as the doctor who seems gay to me, and this cheap rip-off of Spock. Who the hell's this Spock ment to be, the crazy "cool, y'all, how'z arez yous todayz" version, he aint, he's boring, the origional was bad ennougth (he was ok, but not realy as good as the rest of the crew, what I like about Spock is his relationship with Kirk and Mcoy), but now we have an even more boring version. It's like the camp version of the origional series, that's why I've only watched one and a half episodes. I saw one episode and thought it was boring and decided to give it a second chance, then I waded through half of annother episode and in the middle of it I decided to fcuk off, it's not worth it. God I hate Voyger!
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