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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

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the fairly long-running 90s revival were all fantastic (with the exception of the abrupt ending to the 90s series). That team would-- or at least could-- make for a great movie.
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I only read the Jim Valentino series from the early '90s and man, was that cheesy. I hope they were better represented elsewhere.
That's the only version I'm familiar with and I quite liked it.
No offense to any of you. I picked it up because I'd read about them in OHOTMU and was a great concept. It certainly had some great moments, and I stuck with it for twenty issues or so, but... no. Too many things that were overly-contrived or nonsensical. It diluted the parts of it that I enjoyed. And it got worse as it went.

Not that I'd object to a movie. A ragtag team of futuristic superpowered freedom fighters is still a great concept.
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