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If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

If you were incharge, what would be in your trek series? When would it be set. Where would it be set?

I myself would enjoy eigther a "third generation" series where they can travel in time. Instead of "space, the final frontier", it'd be "time, the final frontier". For some reason, I love the trek episodes where they travel back in time, or something like there, but hate the doctor who episodes when they go back in time. And as for the cast, I'd go for one of two options.
A) A captin with a dodgy past trying to make up for his past unsolved crimes, and his brother, an emotionaly unstable rougue tourments him for the whole first series (he's annother crew member) and in the final episode of series one, the two fight it outand presumably kill eachother, then the deputy (sort of annother main character) takes command of the ship for the next series, and in the finale of series two, the antagonist or past captin come back. It'd be a simular relationship between Pichard and Q, but darker, more tense, more serious, and alot more hostile. The series would take a dark tone.
B) A vulcan is the captin this time, and the second incharge is the main character. At the ens of the first series, the commander would eventully become captin.

So eigther way, the commander would eventully become captin, and the new enterprise would travel in time, plus the fun thing is that it's not just past Earth they go to, they can go to the Klingon planet before they've evolved to what they are today, they could isit the birth of the borg, and even have cross over episodes with the other shows (proberbly not from the origional series, they'll proberbly be too old by then, apart from Spock as he has a longer lifespan) most likely team ups with the cast ofthe next generation. Also, the borg would be the main vilians for the series (like the daleks or cybermen are on dr who, or the manhunters to green lantern). So what would your series be like?
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