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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

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Quasar had bracelets and Adam Warlock used the word "entelechy." Otherwise, I'm drawing a blank. Very few comic book movies without nostalgia value work very well.

People don't care how obscure the comic is. They just care if it looks like a fun movie.
Of those four, Blade is unwatchable; Hellboy really only works if I pretend that the new guy actually was recruited because he has some sort of healing powers so what's-her-name goes sane and John Hurt is cured, so that it genuinely matters when his character is killed; The Mask is nothing but Jim Carrey; Men in Black did work, but then, I said, very few, not none. The Rocketeer works well too but its premise has the nostalgia factor built in.

Obviously, the subtext is "very few work for me..."
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