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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

75. Amelie (A)

Came across this for $4.99 on Blu-ray at Future Shop yesterday (that's why it pays to visit there frequently). This is one of the most high-profile foreign movies of the 00s; I didn't see it at the time (being rated R and all, though I don't think I was interested enough in this sort of thing then either). I expect the #1 descriptor for this film is "whimsical", and it certainly fits -- it starts out rather like a storybook, with its narration. For a good bit into the movie, Audrey Tatou really doesn't have that much to do, in fact, but she takes over by the second half and really impresses (enough to become Hollywood's go-to Frenchwoman for half a decade until Marion Cotillard arrived).

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