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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I haven't read through the thread yet so I'm just going to offer my opinions on the film. I'll save commenting on the direction of sequels and other stuff later. I'm not going to compare them with Raimi's Spider-Man films because this is a whole new adaptation and it doesn't really matter if one is better than the other. They both have good points and bad points, and they could make 10 new Spider-Man films every year and I'd probably go see them all.

Now Spider-Man is my all-time favourite and I was super excited, it was the most excited I've been since Star Trek. It didn't disappoint. It wasn't a perfect film by any means but I really enjoyed it.

Firstly Andrew Garfield was amazing as Peter Parker, he portrayed each facet of the character perfectly. I'm a huge fan of Emma Stone as well and I thought she made a really good Gwen.

The only cast member that disappointed me somewhat was Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben.

I loved the action, it was intense and I loved the emphasis of the impact of the webbing.

I liked The Lizard, thought he was pretty menacing and Rhys Ifans conveyed the tragic nature of the character.

I REALLY liked how they incorporated wrestling.

I liked how they included the stuff about his parents, it seems a part of the characters history which kinda gets glossed over.

I also loved that he had an Elvis poster on his bedroom wall.

For stuff I didn't felt a bit rushed to me, like almost like they had to reach certain story points and they were going to reach them no matter what.

I also thought some of the stuff which happened at school may have raised some suspicion.

Overall though I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to where they go with it in the sequels.
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