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Re: Superman Classic cartoon

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Great little short. Definitely need more animation like this.
July 2, 2012: "Bizarro Classic" Animated Short:
  • Veteran animator Rob Pratt has posted a follow-up to his very popular "Superman Classic" animated short which was based on the music of the 1940's Superman serials.
  • In Pratt's latest animated short, entitled "Bizarro Classic", Superman must face his imperfect clone while also avoiding Lois Lane's attempts to prove that Clark Kent & Superman are one-in-the-same. Returning to provide the voice of Superman (as well as Bizarro) is actor John Haymes-Newton, who starred in the first season of "The Adventures of Superboy", alongside his wife Jennifer who returns to voice the character of Lois Lane.
Cartoon at the link above.

For the love of god, will someone in power at WB sober the hell up and give Pratt the greenlight to make either an ongoing Superman cartoon or full length movie like this?
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