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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

Totally agree. I am gonna say it. Here I go. I loved Prometheus.


And its a big but.

I am fully aware, so frigging fully aware that the audience have to explain the story. They gotta do the fillin in. You gotta do that with a lotta movies. Suspend and imagine. Suspend and Imagine (sounds like a broadway musical number with Fosse type choreo). In the recent Star Trek you had to do that when the three officers space dive. Technically they'd all burn up on entry. But Suspend and Imagine. Fill-in-the-gaps. Maybe by then its possible/space gear/angle-blah-blah-blah. But with Prometheus there's too much of this going on. Yes its seems to be the first half of a trilogy but too much of the story and its logistics was left up to the audience member.
This for me illustrates a very weak story that required a few more months in development where for instance, a script doc woulda said "Ridley, got the geologist lost. A geologist getting lost wont go down at all. Rethink that one" and "Ridley, mate I love how you make Vickers a stickler for protocol-you've even got her scorching a guy due to quarantine and yet Shaw doesnt alert her fellow officers
about an alien presence on board".
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