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Re: Crossover with other franchises?

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There definately won't a Trek/Doctor Who novel crossover since Pocket doesn't have the Who license (Who novels are published by the BBC themselves).
Never say never. If Pocket Books and Random House UK wanted to publish a Star Trek/Doctor Who novel, it would happen and they would find a way to make it work. As an example, Ace Books had the Marvel novel license in the late-90s, and yet Planet X happened.

Perhaps the publishers would waive their rights for certain territories, allowing the other to publish the book in that territory, resulting in separate US and UK editions of the book (which is happening now anyway with Doctor Who novels; Gareth Roberts' Shada and Stephen Baxter's The Wheel of Ice have separate US publishing deals). Or one publisher would handle the book and they would split the monies (like the Planet X situation).

In short, if the publishers really wanted it to happen, a way would be found.
John Peel and I briefly discussed, back in the late 90s, the idea of a crossover that would have the Trek cast appear in a DW book for the BBC, and the Doctor and companions visit the Trekverse in a Pocket Books book, but never went as far as pitching a story...

Of course, individual authors can always cross over with their own creations from other franchises - the Feledrin gestalt alien in On The Spot is the same species from the DW audio Unregenerate, for example...
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