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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Peter Parker is an above average high-school student (apparently) going to an Advanced Placement high-school for the science curriculum. (Maybe, it was hard to tell as it was called a "science school" but also had your usual high school shenanigans going on it) and the twitchy, nerdy, outcast.
So he's what then the King Nerd of all NERDS?
Essentially even the "dumb" jocks at Nerd high are AP student caliber material then?

Until I see it tomorrow I'll reserve full judgement but just this type description piles onto the reasons why you don't tinker with an already perfect origin OR retell it again so soon when it was done so recently and that one adhered so closely to the perfect original origin.
I dunno. It was hard to tell, it seemed like a regular high school most of the time but then the name of the school had "Science" in it and Gwen Stacy had a job at Oscorp -something pretty meaningful for a high-school student to have.
For what its worth, it seemed like it was based on one of the specialized science high schools in new York city. I went to one of them growing up and even in a school like that you had your "nerdy" people and your jocks, its just that the jocks were pretty smart.
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