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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Exciting times for Watford? Remind me what happened to the last team Zola managed, or in fact how succesful the last Italian international who managed Watford was?

And I hope Dyche takes them to the cleaners!

And yeah soon Forest will have money again, whilst we're in the process of selling one of our best players for peanuts, having already lost our other top player last season to a possibly career ending injury. Having bought in some half decent players last summer and looking like we were building a good team, we're back to selling players off and scrabbling around for replacements in the bargain bin. Now fair dos, Nige has proven quite an adept bargain hunter (at times) but eventually we're going to run out of luck.

I dunno, if we sign some players I might start getting positive again, but at the moment I find I'm not much looking forward to next season. Meanwhile Forest will potentially go from a team in horrendous debt who were nearly relegated to a team with cash who might be tilting at the play offs (though if Darren Ferguson is there idea of the manager to do that they may not do very well.)

Truly Jimmy Greaves was right...
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