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Re: Faith in Humanity Restoration Thread

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I have to say that I am really happy to see the response of the other children. It seems that any time I hear a story about kids lately it is related to bullying. It is wonderful to see the exact opposite on display in this video!
The way kids are portrayed in the media as bullies and generally rotten drives me nuts. 99.9% are good people, like the kids cheering Matt on in the video. When my son on the autistic spectrum was in a mainstream primary school he had some issues with bullies on the playground, but his classmates were awesome with him, and did their best to include and support my son as much as possible.

I volunteer on the front desk at a Citizens Advice Bureau. What not many people know is that the vast majority of people working at CABs are volunteers, including the vast majority of the advisors. The advisors give at least one day a week of their time to help those who seek CABs' services, and undergo about a year of training. Many of the advisors in our Bureau also attend court hearings and tribunals with their clients. They give an amazing amount of their time and expertise on a weekly basis, all in the aid of those less fortunate and/or able than them.
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