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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

Sorry, yes - the Mediafire account got killed becuase the site freaked out and cancelled lots of people's accounts.

The on-screen text and new PDF link can be found at Ad Astra as Gul Re'jal posted (thanks GR!) or there's a set of new links to all the PDFs at the top of the most recent episode thread here. But obviously you might want to beware spoilers if you go into that thread.

Thanks for giving it a shot, mug, and I hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: Also, please feel free to comment and review. I always welcome other people's thoughts.

</end desperate plea for validation>

DS9-R fans! Want to know what happened after The Soul Key?

Read Deep Space Nine, Season 10
All 22 eps available to read on-screen or download and keep!

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