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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Thought it was pretty good... but unfortunately I have to agree it's got some issues and doesn't work nearly as well as I was hoping it would.

Despite the gritty look and more naturalistic pacing, the story was still just as simplistic and one-dimensional as in the previous Spidey movies. And the big "untold story" surrounding his parents didn't really amount to a whole lot.

And yes, the Lizard did make for a very boring villain. Much like with the Goblin in the first movie, I couldn't help but wish the director had just focused on Spidey alone and ditched the cheesy supervillain stuff. Peter learning how to use his powers while dating a cute girl, catching dangerous criminals, and evading the police is all you really NEED for an origin movie.

As for Spidey himself, I'm a bit conflicted. Garfield gave a great performance and was easily the most compelling part of the movie... but in the end I'm not sure his dark and moody Peter Parker is the way I really WANT the character to be. It just felt a bit off somehow, and really made me miss the light-hearted and geeky Peter Parker of the previous movies.

I will say the new costume looked absolutely fantastic in action though. And the scenes between Peter and Gwen were just as sweet and charming as everyone said.

But ultimately... I have to admit Raimi did it better.
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