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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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W: Worf...again, found his way back, and pitched down to make him seem more alien. Yeah, thanks. Lets make the guy who has been on screen the most in all of Trek, and change him to make him more different. Like the ass on his head wasn't enough.
Changing the voice of Bairds idea I believe( Baird also had Picards Mintakan tapestry removed from his ready room, just because he could..)
Worf was indeed alien enough for us already.
Plus they totally ignored the events of DS9..and his character development.
I know that some of the producers were trying to explain this by saying that "Maybe Worf got bored of being ambassador" or the most likely but unspoken "Nobody watched DS9 anyway"
Worf's treatment in the movies was hit and miss. In First Contact it was beautiful how they worked him in, the Defiant fighting the Borg Cube and being rescued by the Enterprise. Only wish O'brien could have been along too. Barclay and the EMH got cameos.

In Insurrection they at least tried to give an excuse. Yeah.. okay Worf's on leave... so he's over here working. Sure. Then again Sisko has been known to kick people of DS9 literally when they have leave time, and Worf usually is a glutton for work.

In Nemesis they don't even try to. A few lines like "It's good to have you back in Starfleet, Worf" would have done it too. And really.. the end there? Okay Data's dead(another topic entirely). Why did they bring in some random guy to be first officer... you have Worf there... in command red! Sure Sisko read Worf the riot act when he abandoned a mission to save Dax saying it probably ended his career advancement, but I'm quite sure Picard could pull a string there and would have no problem doing so since he trusts Worf and the position is open.

Sometimes I honestly just think Paramount would be well served hiring a "fan consultant" to proof-read scripts for glaringly obvious errors.
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