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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I also like it that even though there were chances in here to start a new war that it didn't happen...
Yeah, I wonder what those readers who assume the Typhon Pact storyline is inevitably leading to war will make of this. This was the Cuban Missile Crisis for the UFP and the Pact, bringing them to the very brink of war, yet both sides avoided stepping over that brink and worked together to resolve things peacefully. Although I'm sure those readers will stubbornly insist that Kamemor is an aberration and is sure to be assassinated soon, etc. etc. Never mind that she's successfully purged the Romulan government of those working against her peacemaking agenda and has transcended the Tzenkethi's intended role for her as a weak, easily manipulated leader.
One element common to much of the best Trek fiction about the Romulans is not only the extent to which humans and Romulans actually do have a lot in common, but the ways in which Romulan hostility to the Federation is highly contingent on--among other things--domestic factors. In certain ways, the Romulans are like the Cardassians, people who live in ways we understand in societies like our own that just happen to be going through hard times.

In the Rihannsu novels, Ael t'Rllaillieu was able to successfully lead a revolution against the Tricameron based substantially on popular outrage against a government that was badly mishandling its affairs, this mishandling including an attempted genocide against Earth. (Something similar may have happened in the main Trek verse, depending on how much more of the Rihannsu mythos has been/will be incorporated.) In Nemesis, similarly, Shinzon's stated plans to commit genocide against Earth (and, too, to return to Romulus and teach his fellow coup-planners better manners) led to the collapse of the plot and intervention on the Federation's behalf by one of the plotters.

As it turns out, in the Trekverse since Nemesis Romulan politics have been so unstable that the old elite with its paranoid imperialistic concerns has been pretty much wiped out. Opinion among the oligarchy and the population at large is very strongly in favour of stability and peace--understandably so, after the past five years of catastrophic instability--and Kamemor and her people seem to have taken charge of all of the key institutions of state.

Federation-Romulan detente seems more likely than not, IMHO. This is almost certainly going to be a very good thing when the Hobus supernova occurs: a Romulan Star Empire not strongly inclined to thinking the Federation responsible for the destruction of its homeworld is a Romulan Star Empire that isn't going to try to retaliate in kind. (It may be noteworthy that Nero's attempt to destroy Vulcan in 2387 is the only attempt at retaliation against the Federation by a Romulan. Then again, that may just be this reader's limited perspective.)
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