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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I kind of hope, being the continuity nerd I am, that the Omega Drive from Daredevil does play into Punisher: Warzone. The crossover with Daredevil and The Avenging Spider-Man prompted me to buy The Punisher for the first time since the Venom/Punisher mini-series (Hey, it was the 90's, and it had a holo-foil cover, don't judge me! ). I really enjoyed the crossover (for clarification, The Omega Drive crossover. The Punisher/Venom crossover, not so much), especially Punisher's role in it. I really like Rucka's writing, but am a bit hesitant to go back and buy the book based on one issue. Maybe the trade of the first few issues someday.

Anyway, am I alone in thinking the premise of having him target the Avengers seems similar to the recent X-Sanction story where it was Cable targeting the Avengers?
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