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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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First off, did we really need to have the incredibly graphic scene of Shaw climbing into the pod and been sliced open and pry out what my girlfriend called "Her baby octopus." It was totally a gross scene for the sake of being gross.
Yes. Yes we did. It is a horror movie after all. And honestly, the movie doesn't have much going for it besides some inventive, horrific alien gore.

Danny99 wrote: View Post
Corporate mission or not, these people take absolutely no precautions during this mission. "Oh, the air is breathable here? And we're on an alien planet that no one has ever set foot on? Let's take our helmets off!"
Agreed. That made no sense considering they have no way of determining whether or not there are any deadly alien viruses in the air. Granted, I could see how perhaps some crewmembers could be that foolhardy but I expected others to show some caution.

As for the two guys that got lost, I just assumed that they didn't think to check for directions until after the storm hit and it was too dangerous for them to leave.

But mostly, I think they were all just breathing in that funny stupid gas from The Cabin in the Woods.

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And why cast Guy Pierce as an old man with a bad make up job rather than just casting an old man?
I was wondering about that. I suspect there's a deleted scene somewhere that's either a flashback to when he was younger or a scene where the Engineers actually do rejuvenate him for some reason. But that's just a guess.

inflatabledalek wrote: View Post
After the hour mark it got to the point where the only thing I was left looking forward too was how it was all going to end with everything set up for the first one. OK, where are the eggs going to come from, how is the Space Jockey going to get back to his ship and in the chair, what's the origin of the signal... And I didn't even get that much. The ending wound up leaving me really confused until a friend explained to me it's not the same planet as in the first one. I didn't actually believe him at first. Do those ships just crash a lot then? What the hell was the point of doing it as an Alien prequel at all if it doesn't even have that much going for it? I'd have been fine with a completely standalone film with no real links beyond a vague shared Universe but including stuff that seemed to be leading to the first one felt self defeating and confusing on that score.

And it was mildly annoying the very well thought out Alien life cycle (OK, ripped straight from nature but still more thought through than most space monsters get) was thrown out here for something sillier. "It's magic goo that will do any old as long as people are stupid enough to finger it". The final shot actually felt like something Fox insisted on because they thought you couldn't do an Alien film without an Alien in it.
Agreed. Alien left me with some questions that I've been eagerly wondering about for years. Prometheus answers a couple questions I had about the space jockey but mostly just left me with more questions. I feel more confused now than I was before. Especially since the questions that Alien left me with were incidental. I didn't need to know the answers in order to just enjoy Alien for what it was. But since Prometheus deliberately sets itself up as a search for answers, it is very thin on providing them. Not only do I still not know where the Xenomorphs or the eggs came from, but I also have no idea what the rest of that alien goo was, what it was for, who that guy at the beginning was, or why he poisoned himself.
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