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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Is Spiderman just a really cheesy franchise though? Feels like it.
Spiderman/Peter Parker has always been a rather cheesy character, slinging about and dropping sarcastic one-liners whenever he catches a bad guy.

I admit I didn't even know this movie had come out yet (it's Tuesday, for Peter's sake!). I have no desire to sit in the theater and watch it. This will very likely be a Netflix/Redbox rental for me.
My husband had free tickets to go see it through work, otherwise I doubt we would have gone at all.

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I saw this evening, and it was ok. But frankly I didn't really see that it was all the different than the first one. Couldn't say which one I like better since they seem so interchangeable to me.
I think changing the main actor was the biggest difference, but otherwise I tend to agree. Then again I didn't like the first movie at all, so I seem to bein the minority here.
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