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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

Sho wrote: View Post
We should reverse things for a change. Who should Carla Gugino play?
Anyone she wants.

But seriously and no insult intended to Nicole Deboer but if one were going to recast Ezri Carla Gugino would not be a bad choice.

Paper Moon wrote: View Post
^^^ In this vein, I was actually thinking just this morning, "Who in TrekLit could I cast Tony Shalhoub as?"
Sho wrote: View Post
Hmm - I know we're used to seeing him as Monk, but I think Shalhoub can be gritty and disheveled enough to pull off Cervantes Quinn if he had to.
Yeah I could see it. Look at how scummy he looks as Jack Jeeves in Men In Black.
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