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Star Trek: Lambda Paz-- "To the Bitter End"

Special fan made Dominion War trailer

During the final forty days of the Dominion War, battles become more and more dangerous as the Dominion, Breen, and Cardassians are determined to make the Federation Alliance fight for every inch of space. Even knowing the heavy cost in ships and in lives, Starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan forces remain resolved to put an end to two years of devastating war.

Aboard the Lambda Paz, Limis Vircona cannot help but contemplate her future in Starfleet, while she and her crew wonder if they and they're loved ones will live to see the final victory.

On the Constantinople, a crew of decorated war heroes prepare for what may be their last stand.

Behind enemy lines, a Cardassian gul's devotion to his beloved empire is pushed to the limits and one of the Dominion's most loyal servants remains determined to fight for a lost cause even as his gods stand on the verge of extinction.

Heroes will be made, legends will be born, lives will be lost, courage will be tested, but hope will never die...

Londo Mollari on the Earth-Minbari War (from the Babylon 5 prequel movie "In the Beginning")
"Desperate Alliances" are forged.
Join the hunt to stop "Omega".
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