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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Some good points that I hadn't considered about the first Spider-Man film, which was my favorite, and after watching Amazing Spider-Man, still is my favorite of the Spider-Man films. Though regarding Osborn's motivation, he is insane, or at least the goblin serum fuels his psychotic breaks. Though I do think his whole spiel about ruling the city with Spider-Man didn't make much sense.

As for Amazing Spider-Man I thought it was an alright film. It didn't suck and it wasn't a retread. It tried to do things differently from the Raimi films, sometimes a bit too much, especially in terms of playing around with Spider-Man's origins.

The cast was mostly good though I feel that Sally Field got the short end of the stick. Her Aunt May gets to do nothing but look worried and ring her hands. Garfield as Peter or Spider-Man didn't do much for me. He looked too much like Hayden Christensen. That's not a downer for me because I liked Hayden in the Star Wars films, however it was distracting.

Emma Stone might have looked hotter than Kirsten Dunst, but her Gwen Stacy did little for me either. Granted Stone was better than Bryce Dallas Howard in the role, but so much of the film was based around Gwen and Peter's growing relationship and I wasn't really invested in either. A couple things I did like about her though was she was as smart, or smarter than Peter, and two, she knew when to get the hell out of the way. She was plucky, but in a common sense way.

One of the biggest issues I had with the film was not including Curt Conners's family. I think the lack of a wife and son made him less of a tragic figure and also muddled his last second conversion back to the good side. To some extent the film seemed to make Peter his substitute son (which echoed Doc Ock and Peter in Spider-Man 2), but that was never fleshed out sufficiently, just like I felt Ock and Peter's relationship was undercooked as well. One thing that just came to me, it didn't make much sense for Peter to never ask Conners about his father during the times they worked together, since Conners worked with Richard Parker and Uncle Ben and Aunt May were pretty tight-lipped about Peter's parents. The mystery of Peter's parents, which ran throughout the film and again mid-way through the credits, hasn't really hooked me.

The Lizard design put me in the mind of Abomination from Incredible Hulk, though better detailed. Overall I thought the action scenes were good. I saw it in IMAX-3D and the film overall looked really nice.

I'll go see the next Spider-Man film but I'm not stoked by the prospect.

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