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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

I have this saved on my computer so whenever this gets asked I can copy pasta:

A: The bad guy was "an evil twin". Christ. Just tie Deanna up to some railroad tracks as you laugh evilly while you twist your mustache.

B: The friends of the bad guy were not nice to look at. They look like aborted clones drizzled in maple syrup. Too obvious.

C: More convenient Enterprise placement.
"Oh, we just happen to be the closest ship to this planet with the Retard Data...which just happens to get us 'dangerously close' to the Neutral Zone." How many times were "dangerously close" and "Neutral Zone" used in the same sentence in the span of TNG?

D: Fanboy Enterprise. Fanboy Scimitar. 19,246 Quantum Torpedo tubes vs 492,399 disruptor cannons! Oh, it can fire when cloaked? So we can't use our massive arsenal? Fuck it! RAM 'EM! And Deanna crashed another Enterprise.

E: So far...the only Trek movie to feature text messaging...for two people sitting 4 feet from each other.

F: So far...only Trek movie to feature a dune buggy and of road racin'! Get 'er done!

G-P: The last 5 minutes are thrown together. Sub bitches about this

1. Picard hits gross alien in the face with a phaser rifle, why he didn't fire, I don't know.
2. When he hit the guy...the futuristic metallic-alloy gun just...breaks.
3. The evil twin was melting in a manner akin to the Wicked Witch of the West, not a threat anymore.
4. Data jumps from ship to ship (about 5-10 miles) and just barely catches a convenient thingy sticking out, and sneaks in an even more convenient access hatch located exactly where he needed it to be (it was also unlocked)
5. Picard, just stands there as the Technobabble Radiation builds, seemingly dooming his entire crew. If he wasn't going to do anything, why the fuck did he beam over there in the first place?
6. Data shows up at the last second, beams Picard back...says "goodbye" and instead of deactivating the beam, learning God knows how much about the ship, he just shoots his phaser into it.
7. Data dies.
8. Deanna cries.
9. Will finally gets promoted and leaves.

Q: Where's Q? He'd make a much better villain than "Evil Romulan Picard"

R: The Romulan Senate is gone. Do we hear anything from the Romulans? No. I guess they're all ok with it.

S: Main cast singing...because he can, no other reason.

T: A hole was blown in the bridge. A HOLE WAS BLOWN IN THE BRIDGE, and only one person got sucked out. No one burned. Sorta a 'meh' hole. Didn't seem to want to do alot of damage.

U: At the end, it leaves it WIDE-FUCKING-OPEN for a follow Data's memory techobabble made it to Retard Data. Will we see it? Nope.

V: New Warbirds, don't look as good as the old Warbirds, and they sorta suck at fighting. You'd think they'd know something about fighting a cloaked ship. But no. Nada. Useless and more fanboy "OH THIS IS TEH KEWL" bs.

W: Worf...again, found his way back, and pitched down to make him seem more alien. Yeah, thanks. Lets make the guy who has been on screen the most in all of Trek, and change him to make him more different. Like the ass on his head wasn't enough.

X: Regarding the above mentioned dune buggy frivolities. I guess they seemed to casually forget that they violated about 15 parts of the Prime Directive (showing themselves to pre warp civilization, shooting at them)…all because they wanted to find another brother for Data

Y: And speaking of another Data brother? Why? That last one seemed to be not worth the trouble of putting him back together…and OHHHHH NOOOO! This one is out to hurt us too…but in a naive 3 year old sticking a fork in an outlet sorta way.

Z: We’re forced to live with it as a finale of a series that many of us grew to love. If that’s it, make us be glad its over. Don’t tease us with open-ended plot holes. Riker on the Titan? Never gonna see it. B4 becoming Data…never gonna see it. Enterprise E? Never gonna see that ever again because half the crew is gone. Yet another Picard and Data wank-fest that left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Now, would it suck as much if it wasn’t the last one? Eh, I dunno…none of us will ever know as we’re not going to be given a proper send off for TNG.

16 years, and that’s what Paramount gives us.

Thanks. Why don’t you just kick my dog while you’re at it? a nutshell, is why it sucks. Now...someone stick this thread to the top of the board so it won't get asked every other week.
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