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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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This evening I popped in Spider-Man (2002) DVD and watched this after not seeing it for some years.

I loved it all over again. I even found Kirsten Dunst acceptable whereas before not so much. If I look at her portrayal of MJ in terms of how Peter sees her as opposed to how I see her then it works.

My only quibbles production wise were the same ones I had when the film was released, and they're minor. The scenes where Peter makes his first leaps across rooftops just doesn't look right. After that I don't have any problems with it. Certainly some of the acrobatic scenes still gave me a touch of vertigo. Also the Goblins suit didn't really work for me. I understand not going with the original comics' design, but I sill think something better could have been done.
I did the same thing, but oddly enough I had the complete opposite reaction. The film just does not hold up for me. Much of the dialogue is hokey, or awkward. The special effects have aged very poorly. While once I enjoyed Willem Dafoe's performance, now it just seems ridiculous. I also realized that after his first little rampage, Osborne has absolutely no motivation beyond insanity to keep on being the Goblin. His goal was achieved. Oscorp is back on top, and the only thing he does for the rest of the film is try to kill Spider-Man for whatever reason. He could have just disappeared back into Norman Osborne forever, and nobody would have been the wiser.

Also, minor quibble, but where the heck did the Goblin's trident in the final action scene come from? It seems to be pulled literally from hammerspace.
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