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Re: La-La Land Records to release 4-disc DS9 soundtrack set!

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I'm not a big fan of Chattaway's action cues; I prefer his more emotional, sensitive material. Although I did like his action work in VGR: "Scorpion," since he actually got away with composing a leitmotif for Species 8472.
Yup, Scorpion is my favorite for Voyager, I so wished they released it. Well, given all the soundtracks to come out lately maybe they will, and a lot of good Enterprise tracks too.

DS9 did not stand out as much musicaly for me but at had its moments at times.
DS9 was subtle, but it was the "playing field" where the composers played to show Berman that the "Sonic Wallpaper" was not necessarily a good thing. Mostly because Berman wasn't as involved in it as he was with TNG, Generations, and Voyager.
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