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In anticipation of downloading all the DLC's and the expansion, I've decided to finish the last saved game I have.
Careful with that, the patch for vanilla that came out recently screwed up old save games. I think they're releasing a new patch to fix it.

I just won the most unlikely victory. About 400 turns from the end (marathon game) I had written myself off, Arabia were ahead scientifically, culturally, and they had most of the city states in their pocket, while I was a relatively small civilization that barely had enough resources to get by. For some reason I stuck with the game and through a combination of tech-stealing, and speeding research with great scientists, I somehow won a spaceship victory. I'm not sure what happened at the end, Arabia probably would have beaten me in the space race if they had tried, but they never even bothered to build the Apollo program. The only way I can make sense of it is if they were aiming for a diplomatic win (which makes sense considering all the city states they were allied to), but never got to build the UN. I don't know if this was a case of me brilliantly snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, or if Arabia's AI let me win.
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