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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Just finished the book last night and here are a few thoughts (if you don't want spoilers DON'T READ!!! This is a spoiler thread, right?):

-This was most definitely a Deep Space Nine duology with a secondary story focused on the Romulan Preator. At first I felt the secondary story was about Bacco but after looking back I felt I knew the Preator better after finishing the story.

-At first I was like "WHAT?! They did NOT just blow-up DS9!!", but then as I continued to read the book I wasn't thinking about the station. It really is about the characters themselves that I found myself invested in, not the station.

-Speaking of those characters, the one thing I felt bad about was Elias. I feel he "ended" too soon without us seeing (reading) his heroic deeds against the Ascendants, etc. I kinda of feel cheated out of experiencing his adventure fully and hope we will finally get to read his whole story soon.

-As for the other characters: When O'brien and Nog returned it brought a smile to my face. Though they were never my favorite DS9 characters it felt right to start bringing the old crew back together. The one exception was Odo. Not that I don't want his return (I really do) it just felt shoe-horned into the story. For some reason it just didn't fit in with the rest of the story but I'm sure future authors will expand upon his presence more fully in the future.

-Sisko is finally Sisko again! He's right where he belongs, with Cassidy and his daughter. DRG III certainly took him through an emotional roller-coaster that, at first, I wasn't very fond of. However, his character arc has come full circle and the payoff was worth it. Even though he's on the Robinson I'm sure he'll be around for more DS9 adventures!

-Enjoyed all the re-launch characters as well (Ro, Tenmei, etc.) and glad to see them. To me they are part of the DS9 crew as I've grown "close" to them with all the re-launch books that came before.

-Not enough Quark but at least he saved Vick! That small scene probably was one of my favorite throughout the entire duology which surprised me.

-Still not sure about Kira's new story arc. Seems to similar to Sisko's at the end of the series. I hope she returns quickly and somehow re-joins her crew .

All-in-all, I absolutely loved these two books and finally feel that DS9's relaunch is continuing!!


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