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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...

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Hmm. Just had a thought: presumably the tapes of Doctor Who were erased so that they could be taped over with new programs. Is there any way to determine what new programs were recorded onto those specific tapes, and whether the actual physical tapes themselves still survive? I'm thinking that at least some bits of the original data may still be there, like a palimpsest, and maybe there's a way that modern technology could digitally extract those fragments of information and reconstruct the original images, similarly to how the Reconstruction Team was able to discover fragments of color data on black-and-white copies of some of the episodes and use them to recreate the lost color information. But first they'd have to identify the actual physical reels of tape that used to have the Doctor Who episodes on them.

Slightly belated addition... I suspect there wouldn't be any way to recover such data, as the tapes weren't just recorded over: they'd be put through a bulk eraser, and then have a new testcard/tone track recorded onto them, as a precaution against the sort of leak through from old recordings you're hoping for (certainly, that was standard practice at my university TV station during the 1980s, which was using ex-BBC surplus equipment dating back to the 60s and had adopted the same routines).
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