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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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As I thought Brock is being advertised for the 1000th episode, so is Bret Hart!
I know, it's exciting stuff, I'm wondering whether they have the beginning of some big angle planned, to commemorate. Hopefully they won't blow the show, regardless of what they have planned for it!

I have a feeling they may introduce the new WWE Championship belt at the show, since the WWE Championship is the only title that has been permanently active since the beginning of Raw. (the Intercontinental Championship briefly ceased being active in 02-03, ludicrous decision in hindsight!)

I'm also wondering whether they will announce a stipulation for the Lesnar/HHH match at the show. A straight up wrestling match would be good, but I think a HIAC or Street Fight is a more likely candidate. Of course, WWE could really buy into Lesnar's UFC days and have it so he only accepts the match if it's inside an octagon cage, which would of course, serve as a storyline advantage for Lesnar.
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