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Re: What likely happened to the Cardassian Union after the war

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But really your arguement that "if they had more technology and resources they would be powerful" doesn't exactly mean much. Of course they would... what does that have to do with anything? If you gave Italy atomic weapons at the beginning of world war 2, they would have conquered the world with or without Germany.. while true that doesn't say anything about Italy as it was itself.
Of course, it seems that it goes without saying that if any power had much more weapons, or a super weapon they would win. Then again, it depends on whose hands they're in.

Germany had the jet planes and the missiles first, and still lost the war.

The ancient Persians had a much larger army and was well equipped and still couldn't defeat the Greeks.

On the other side of the coin, when the Greeks obtained more power, they conquered Persia--power and resources in the right hands.

Not that the Cardassians were going to beat the Federation, they were too far behind. But plug in some more power and resources to their military and intelligence base, the story might change.

I think this is why Dukat often referred to the Cardassians as the potentials leaders of the Alpha Quadrant-they probably thought the same thing.

'If we had just a little more resources and technology, we would dominate everybody else.'

Really the Cardassians were a tragic race more than an evil one. You can almost symathize with where they were and how they got there.
I do to some extent, because you can see the individuals in their society, but the atrocities their government committed against the Bajorans and God knows who else, is the deal breaker.

They were what they were, the militaristic bad guys that were quite obviously behind in technology. Their doctorine seemed to operate on quantity more than quality as you almost never see Cardassian ships operating alone. This is why they also had a first rate Intelligence service... that's low maintence compared to a massive military and often can achieve the same results.
Their intelligence service is another asset that made them dangerous. (to themselves as well as to other powers.)

At times it was hard to know whether Trek considered them a first power threat, or just a minor power that was dangerous to weaker neighbors.

They were either portrayed as dangerous threat, or weaker power with weaker technology. What made them different than the Klingons or Romulans?
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