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Third Cutter Squadron: Talarian Incursion

In February 2377, after twenty years of uneasy peace following the Talarian Border Wars, the Talarian Republic launched a new offensive campaign against the Federation. Utilising superior weaponry, they caught the Border Service and Starfleet off guard. Over the eleven day conflict, as Starfleet mustered its forces, the Talarians gained ground before being beaten back to their previous territory, in an incident that would become known as the Talarian Incursion.

The Third Cutter Squadron played a significant role in repelling the Talarian forces, but their actions have never been fully recognised...until now.

Coming soon from Star Trek: Third Cutter Squadron:

Talarian Incursion
– The Coming Storm
– On The Sidelines
– No One Left Behind
– The Greater Good
– Standing Firm
– Down But Not Out
– The True Cost
– Find The Crack
– Final Push

The first story should be up in a day or two...
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