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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I'm seeing it tonight. It better be amazing.

Or else.
I saw it tonight but only because we had free tickets and got to laugh at the people sitting in line for hours for a midnight showing. Seriously, was it that anticipated of a film? These people were camped out for a long time.

It was okay. It made me feel old. I didn't like the Peter Parker character and I didn't like his girlfriend. She was completely ridiculous, as a person like that would clearly never exist. There was also way too much cheese for me in the movie. Is Spiderman just a really cheesy franchise though? Feels like it.

I love how they glossed over the suit making. Nice sewing and crafting skills Peter! Do you secretly lurk on the Etsy forums?

The fact that it was a reboot so close to the previous films also made for an awkward viewing experience. There were a ton of points that jogged up images and lines from the previous incarnation.

I'll end on a good note (because it really wasn't a bad movie). Normally I hate 3D and the glasses but these were comfortable and I enjoyed some of the scenes of him zipping around the city quite a bit. Especially the nighttime scenes.
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