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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

39. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs: B
40. Beauty & the Beast: A+
41. Bambi: A-
42. Sex & the City 2: D+
43. Top Gun: B

Having just gotten back from my third trip to San Diego I ate at the Kansas City Barbeque. The hotel I stayed at required me to walk past it. It features into two scenes of the Top Gun film. A sign hangs visible from the sidewalk "Home of the Slutty Bar Scene".

So, I came home, bought the film for $5 and you know what...the film isn't as great as my 80's childhood remembers it being. It's still an enjoyable film but it doesn't still hold that "A" status as other 80's films I feel do hold up. I had trouble buying he romance this time around. Talk about feeling forced. Maverick and Goose, their relationship still holds up I feel. I also just didn't buy that Maverick would break down like he did, Goose dying or not. If he's fighting this ghost of his family tree then bugging out like he did seems counterintuitive to all his inner tough guy schtick.

I watched half of the special features, the making of segments and those were frankly just as interesting. The film nearly got put into turnaround. The studio didn't "get it" to hear Bruckehimer(sp) tell it. Tom Cruise was to get $1 MILLION DOLLARS for the film--big time bread in '87.

Still a fun film though and the food at KCBBQ wasn't bad either.
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