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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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If anything, I'd say that the Dominion War was Galactic War I (WWI redux), the Borg Invasion was a natural/economic disaster la the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, and a hypothetical TP-KA war would be GWII (WWII redux).
So, still not the first, which was my point.

The Dominion War did have two alliances fighting each other, with each member of each alliance having a different goal and agenda, so that's why I count it as GWI. On the other hand, nearly half the powers in a hypothetical TP-KA war weren't involved at all in the Dominion War (KA: Ferengi Alliance, TP: Holy Order of the Kinshaya, Tholian Assembly, Tzenkethi Coalition, the Gorn Hegemony [sorta]), which, you could argue, would mean that a TP-KA war would be the first truly galactic war. Or would be closer to being an actual galactic war, anyway.
Except that all those powers only occupy the central portion of the Orion Arm, which is a teeeeeeeeny-tiny fraction of the galaxy. In terms of scale, that's kind of like calling the Hatfield-McCoy feud a global war. At least the Dominion War was between powers on opposite sides of the galaxy, although they still collectively occupied only a fraction of a percent of its volume. (Really, there is no valid Earthbound analogy for anything as vast as the galaxy.)
Right, of course the UFP et al take up a very small portion of the Milky Way. They take up a small portion of the Alpha Quadrant, too. Didn't stop everyone from talking about "saving the Alpha Quadrant" during the Dominion War. Neither of the World Wars involved every power on Earth. The point of calling it a World War, and the point of talking about the entire Alpha Quadrant being at stake was to emphasize the previously unseen scale of the conflicts.

And though it's not the first way I would necessarily characterize it, a TP-KA war would indeed involve a greater number of powers, a greater number of agendas, and a larger space within the Orion Arm than did the Dominion War; as far as we can tell, the complexity and range of the conflict would be unprecedented in the history of the local powers. And so I could understand someone reasonably characterizing such a war as "Galactic War One," the way people called WWI the "World War" in the years following it, because the conflict would arguably be on a previously unseen scale in terms of breadth and complexity (though not necessarily destruction, manpower and death).

I was suggesting a similar, but not identical, model with the DW=WWI because I think it works better. But I do think MatthiasRussell's model is not a "pretty disingenuous analogy" and so I was pushing back on your assertion that it was. It may not be the best analogy, but it certainly has merit.
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