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Re: In zombie films, how come nobody has ever...

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It dismissed the first 3 (valid) points by saying that Zombies are toxic...for some reason. Essentially just saying they're magic. Where's that come from?

Did YOU read it?
Yes I did, and I recall quite clearly the part where it says that flesh infected with the Solanum virus is made toxic by that virus.

The link you're trying to debunk treats Zombies as infected humans, with the same essential weaknesses, and moreso in some cases on account of being reanimated dead flesh. Yes, very strong, and a wound that kills a human only slows a Zombie down, but still starts with a human.

Whereas your link starts with making up new facts based on nothing, and then using them to debunk other things. Not a point in its favor.
Given that zombies aren't real, ANYTHING about zombies suffers from this!

As for your last points: why wouldn't predators have a field day? Zombies can't (usually) run, can't use weapons, aren't great tactical minds. Mostly just stumbling around. Why wouldn't large animals have unlimited free meals, once they realize the humans aren't shooting anymore, aren't ambushing or laying traps? Might not be 100% kill rate, but think the wolves/dogs/lions/etc have a field day there with free (rancid) meat.
Like I said, if the flesh of a zombie is infected with something, then eating that flesh is likely to kill whatever ate it.

Assuming no other zombie magic, and that zombies are just reanimated corpses that are strong and not reactive to pain/major damage, seems like the points in that link work a lot better than what you're quoting in ZSG...
Really? You think it's a good idea to wear heavy hot armor and use a method of killing zombies that is hard to do? Or do you find it easy to chop through a Human neck in one blow?
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