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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Not new really. Been lurking on this place for a bit! Name is Martin.. am kinda new - i've been a massive fan of the franchise since my brother got me hooked into it (and sci-fi as a whole). I think i was eight. I live in London. Work in admin. As a teenager, the world of sci-fi pulled me as it offered opportunities to zone out and break away from the tedium of school life...and as a gay kid i was always bullied. Watching Star Trek (etc) just let me ignore the bullying and allowed me to concentrate on studies. Discovered i was pretty good at the studying thing and now in a pretty darn good job as a result. Sorry if that bored ya to pieces.

Anyway. Here's jet-lagged ole me. Couldnt sleep on board the second stretch of 23 hour flight

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