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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

One thing I cared for less about this novel (and PoN) is a very small, nitpicky thing, but I was surprised at how much I didn't care for a Starfleet ship being named the First Minister (and wasn't there a President too?); it makes sense to parallel the name "Sovereign," but they just seem too easily confusing.

Et cetera.

I don't know what it bothered me so much; I guess because it took me out of the story because the scenario described above went through my head.

Also, regarding the whole Galactic War I idea, I actually would be okay if the Typhon Pact arc did not so closely/obviously parallel key aspects of 20th century history. Would make it interesting. Not that it's excessively done at this point, but I don't think I really need much more.

Also, Christopher, I think MatthiasRussell is not that wrong calling a hypothetical Typhon Pact-Khitomer Accords war "Galactic War I"; yes, the Borg Invasion was certainly more destructive la WWII, and the post-War era we're in now clearly parallels the Cold War. But the Borg Invasion was a bunch of powers against a single, unified opponent, unlike our two World Wars, which pitted multiple powers against each other (and particularly in the case of WWI, multiple alliances that were drawn into fighting one another), each power with a slightly different focus and agenda.

If anything, I'd say that the Dominion War was Galactic War I (WWI redux), the Borg Invasion was a natural/economic disaster la the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, and a hypothetical TP-KA war would be GWII (WWII redux). The Dominion War did have two alliances fighting each other, with each member of each alliance having a different goal and agenda, so that's why I count it as GWI. On the other hand, nearly half the powers in a hypothetical TP-KA war weren't involved at all in the Dominion War (KA: Ferengi Alliance, TP: Holy Order of the Kinshaya, Tholian Assembly, Tzenkethi Coalition, the Gorn Hegemony [sorta]), which, you could argue, would mean that a TP-KA war would be the first truly galactic war. Or would be closer to being an actual galactic war, anyway.
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