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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I don't WANT to imagine the Typhon Pact and UFP going to war and as I've said, I know it was not created with that intent in mind so I am clearly not trying to force a conclusion nor is warfare my "preferred possibility". I am saying the 2 going to war is a real possibility, a possibilty that obviously the political leaders in the story fear and believe has a high possibility of happening.

I also think the political landscape more clsely resembles the early 1900s with the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance than the situation of the United States and USSR in the Cold War. For one thing, the Soviet Union was controlled by the Kremlin with a dominant country controlling the rest whereas the Triple Alliance was a mutual defense pact with no country dominating the others. That doesn't mean a galcatic war has to happen as it did in Earth's past but it does lay the ground work for similar events to possibly happen.

I fail to see how I am "mistaken" by seeing this parallel. Obviously, Christipher, you wish to put motives and desires on me which I do not have which is extremely unfair when I have said that I recognize your desire to not see Star trek fall into war as well.
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