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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

"Galactic War One?" Come on. We've already had the Dominion War and the Borg Invasion within the past decade of story time, both of which were more cataclysmic than anything the Khitomer Allies and Typhon Pact could wage (since they're both still weakened from the Borg Invasion). So the First World War is a pretty disingenuous analogy. If any real-world analogy holds, it's the aftermath of WWII, the period after the hugest, most devastating war in history. In other words, the Cold War, which has obviously been a model for UFP/Pact relations from the start. A period when the world has already been through a cataclysmic war of unprecedented scope, and thus, despite tensions and technologies that create the risk of an even greater conflict, the dominant nations of the world do everything they can to avoid facing the horror of all-out warfare.

And to some extent, the Federation's weakened standing in the quadrant is a parallel with America's role in the present-day world, where its influence as a superpower is, if not waning, at least being questioned by the rest of the world and challenged -- more economically and culturally than militarily -- by China and perhaps India. Star Trek has always tried to be a commentary on the current state of the world.

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As I expressed, I understand that the authors I have had contact with have no desire to see Star Trek become a universe of continuous war stories but that doesn't mean editors and producers share that sentiment.
What have producers got to do with anything? Nobody's producing any shows or films in the Prime continuity, so there's no sense bringing producers into a discussion about the novelverse.

Part of the theory behind the latest Trek films is Star Trek needs a little Star Wars.
That's taking it way too literally. They meant the attitude and cinematic style of Star Wars, not the literal war part.

It is is easy to imagine Star Trek falling down the slope into warfare. It is easy to see how the foundation is laid for this to happen.
No, you just want to imagine that and so your interpretation of the evidence is profoundly biased to force that conclusion. You're refusing even to consider alternative possibilities, which is why you mistakenly imagine that your preferred possibility is overwhelmingly likely. It's classic expectation bias.
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