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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

It may be too hot in Oklahoma, but up here in Vermont, I continue to forge ahead. My gorn Sculpt complete, I got it into the mold, pulled it...and the front half broke right down the center of the face! Obviously old ultracal....(I've NEVER, EVER broken a mold before)

After much cursing, shedding of tears and gnashing of teeth, I did a little forensic reconstruction, Built it back up, filled the cracks and recarved in reverse where needed. Three successful pulls in latex rubber so'd never know it had fracked up!

Got several props to build...a couple of hypo sprays and "clipboards" or "logbooks"...anyone know the dimensions on those? (you know...the black clipboard thingies)

I've got several other doctor tools made, or am in the process of finishing....reader tubes, scanner...things like that...

Fun question: Do you think some Gorn subordinates might have tough-looking piercings in thier head frills? It's an idea I'm just toying with. I've got a friend who makes the most amazing chainmaile jewelry....They otherwise look just like the classic Gorn, with a more realistically detailed surface texture.

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