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Re: Which serise was Worf the best in?

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*jaw drops* You are my hero.
I'm honoured.

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It would've been nice to have a scene where, after Worf and Picard blow up at each other, we see Picard grumpily heading back to the conference room, audibly muttering under his breath, "Goddamn that Sisko, first he rags on me about his wife, now he turns Mr. Woof against me..."

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You know, Iamnotspock, it's funny you should mention First Contact and DS9's influence on how Worf comes accross....

I recall, J.M. Dillard's novelization of the film more directly emphasizes exactly that. A nice moment--in the book, when Riker asks, "You do remember how to fire phasers...?" to which, instead of frowning in bewilderment at Will (as he does in the film), Worf deadpans, "The green button...right?"

Riker muses that Worf's time on DS9 was clearly good for his friend.
Ah, yes. I have it somewhere but I haven't read it in years.
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