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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Dusty thinks it's because some of the Cards who were in that brawl are now making ASG selections. I thought the players were all being selected through fan voting?
Starters are elected through fan voting. Backups (eight pitchers, and one backup for each position player) are selected through a vote of players, managers and position coaches. Reserves are selected solely at the manager's discretion -- so, in this year's case, La Russa chose the final eight players for the roster (outside of the final fan vote for the last player, which takes place after the rosters are announced).

And that fight happened almost two years ago. Bit of a long time to hold a grudge, eh? At least for anyone not named Bob Gibson.
Tony La Russa has a long track record of success, but he also has a long track record of utter douchebaggery. I'm not saying he did or did not snub certain players, but it's not an unreasonable hypothesis (and the Bob Gibson thing doesn't make a whole lot of sense, do you care to elaborate?).
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