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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I'm one of those who thought war was inevitable. It looked like it was from within the fictional universe.
And I think this book did a good job of showing why that was a misconception: because there were so many people on both sides actively trying to prevent war. (Not to mention because this is fiction. Fiction is routinely about making the worst possible outcome seem inevitable and then having the heroes avert it against impossible odds. So just because war looks inevitable in a work of fiction, that doesn't mean it can be expected to happen. On the contrary, since fiction often relies on surprise and reversals, war is more likely to break out in a fictional universe when it's unexpected.)

Even with that being the case, I'm not sure realistically if the efforts of Kamemor and Bacco could have held back war sentiment since the Typhon Pact were responsible for "destroying" the wormhole.
No -- rogue elements within the Typhon Pact were responsible. And the leader of the strongest nation within the Typhon Pact was instrumental in dismantling their efforts and bringing them to justice.

Nothing gets the war juices flowing like religious sentiment and I'm sure the Bajorans would like retribution against the parties involved in eliminating the gateway to the celestrial temple.
Those parties have already been defeated or at least badly weakened, thanks to Praetor Kamemor. Any Bajorans who'd want to go to war against her now would have to be fanatical idiots, as great a threat to the peace as Sela and Tomalak.

I would expect someone to attempt to assassinate Kamemor, especially among the Tzenkethi since she is upsetting the designs of very powerful individuals. However, I hope this doesn't happen because she is a very interesting Romulan and a major stablizing force for the quadrant.
And that's exactly why the Tzenkethi might not attempt any such thing. As Rough Beasts of Empire made clear, the whole reason they maneuvered Kamemor into the praetorship in the first place was because they wanted a strong and stable Typhon Pact, not one weakened and damaged by factional strife. The efforts of Sela and her faction, as Kamemor pointed out, just made the Pact less safe and stable, so Kamemor's actions served the strength and safety of the Pact, which is what the Tzenkethi want. True, the Tzenkethi were part of Sela's scheme, but hopefully their leaders will recognize what a severe miscalculation that was and how badly it undermined the goals they were hoping to serve.

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This is question for writers and editors: can other class ships beside the vesta be fitted with slipstream drive without a major overhaul and structural changes?
Yes, if they're small and/or narrow enough. We know, of course, that Intrepid-class starships can use slipstream, since Voyager was able to do so. But something big and wide like a Galaxy or Akira, or a Luna, evidently, would be out of luck.
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