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Re: resurrecting Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury as a animated TOS st

I was the one who originally posted about the audio tracks for the game possibly having been backed up on magnetic tapes and stored somewhere. I was never able to get any more information on this.

But after seeing this post, I searched around the internet a bit more. For those who are not aware, Interplay still exists, although what they are doing is somewhat unclear. They do have a very active forum with frequent responses from Interplay employees.

About a year ago, there was a post on SOVF, in which a current employee said that all the files from SOVF have been lost:

Now I don't want to believe this. It would be a tragedy. I think we may yet be able to get more detailed information from this person on the Interplay forum as to how he came by this knowledge and who else we can contact.

Is anyone up for this?
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