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Re: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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De-lurking for the moment to register an alternate reaction to the book. While any and perhaps all of the changes to the DS9 characters and universe have good potential, I found the scope of the "crisis" which triggered those changes underwhelming. The book itself acknowledges that once the fleet is rebuilt in a few years, it won't matter that the Typhon Pact has slipstream.* So making that the catalyst for dramatic changes felt to me bland -- this is what Kira's life is ending/being transformed over? This is what the wormhole is closing over? This is what Odo is racing against time and being stranded for?
Remember what Kira said to Sisko in the vision. You can't step into the same river twice. If Sisko had spent his life with Kasidy starting back then, during the Dominion War, he would've known only sorrow; but if he spends his life with her starting now, the circumstances are different so the outcome won't be the same.

By analogy, the danger isn't the Pact getting slipstream ever; the danger is the Pact getting slipstream now. If they got it now, while the Federation and its allies were still below full strength and while the warmongering faction within the Pact was still potent enough to run rings around the moderates like Kamemor, then the consequence would've been a war that tore the quadrant apart and caused serious long-term harm to both alliances. But if they get it later, when the Khitomer Allies are stronger and the moderates within the Pact are in a better position to hold the surviving militants in check, then the long-term consequences will be nowhere near as dire.

So yes, it was important to the long-term future to stop them from getting slipstream now (meaning 2383), even knowing that they will have it eventually. Context is important.

In addition, the big standoff in the wormhole didn't make sense. It's not like immediately upon arrival with the Dominion technology the TP could have started churning out slipstream ships. Why not cloak the Defiant, let the Romulans go through, follow them through the TP wormhole to the Tzenkethi station, then call in reinforcements and capture or destroy the station?
Well, for one thing, they had no idea what would actually be there at the other end of the new wormhole. There could've been a whole fleet with a tachyon detection grid of its own, or they could've had subspace jamming in effect as they did in the Gamma Quadrant. And there's no guarantee those reinforcements could've come soon enough to prevent the Romulan ship from spiriting the Dominion components away into deep Pact territory.

(It was also exhausting for me to read a _third_ book where the TP acquiring slipstream is the focus of the action. It makes in-universe sense that they would keep trying, but as a plot device felt repetitive.)
Well, technically it's only the second story about that, and it ties in the events of Zero Sum Game so closely that it's essentially a single story arc.

Also, how can Sisko so easily leave Bajor? Just because he is disconnected from the Prophets and the wormhole should not eradicate the emotional and social ties he spent more than a decade building up.
He has his responsibilities to Starfleet and the Robinson. Officers in Starfleet can't just pack up and go wherever they feel like; they go where they're ordered to go, where their duty takes them.

And as many have already noted, it doesn't make in-universe sense for Starfleet not to use slipstream to continue exploring the non-Dominion parts of the Gamma Quadrant (they sent a whole fleet to the Delta quadrant after all, where there was no official Federation contact, as opposed to many civilizations in the GQ where the Federation had officially opened relations).
Sure, in theory. But as stated above, there's only a finite number of slipstream ships and they have to use the drive sparingly due to the limited amount of benamite that exists. (Which is part of the reason the Pact's fear of the technology as a game-changer was exaggerated.) So I'd assume it's more a question of availability than one of will. Although I agree it would make sense to allocate a slipstream ship to take Odo back to the Dominion as soon as one became available.

(b) where is the TP going to get all the benamite to power slipstream on all of their ships?
I don't think it was ever the plan to put slipstream on all their ships. The idea was that the ability to retrofit existing ships would let them create a slipstream fleet faster than they could if they had to design and build whole new ships from scratch. So they could catch up with the UFP faster and gain an edge on it in future slipstream vessel construction.
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