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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

And aside from the giant list of items above (and plenty that didn't make the quick list I put up), we've barely been lied to at all.

Not saying that CBS DIDN'T say that, just that it's odd that they would. Cryptic has almost zero credibility with me at this point either way, though, so I'm pretty much in the "believe it when i see it" mode with them at this point. Maybe CBS IS being weird about micro-managing, but that's only one item on the bigger list you're fixated on.

The wall of excuses they've used to defend themselves has tired me out, I don't listen to much of what they tell us anymore. Believe it when it's in the game, and even then, gotta be there a while before I'll believe they won't go back and nerf it. It's probably safe if it's been in the game a while, though, as they abandon half-finished projects at a near 100% rate. Still some obvious bugs in from launch, after all! And like I said above, my 700 day vet Android isn't complete yet (despite a shifting line of blame for why that is), and some people are fast on their way to earning the 1000 day reward. If they go back and follow through on some of their EASIER promises to keep, maybe they'll gain some credibility back...
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