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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

Well, finally got around to checking out Issue 2, and although I did enjoy it, I didn;t think it was as good as issue 1.

As predicted, this is more of a Trek related story, though now the Doctor and his companions are properly teamed up with the Enterprise crew, so the fun can begin.

We spend the first part of the issue on an aquatic world which Starfleet has a really unsafe mining operation on in order to get resources to rebuild ships after the losses at Wolf 359. Due to crappy safety standards, there's accident and a flood, but everything turns out okay, and the Enterprise takes off. Oh, and there's some reclusive aliens living on the world, who after a long-winded hello, declare they prefer to keep to themselves and disappear. After the accident, they show up, provided a long-winded explanation for why they can't help out and disappear. And just what is the deal with the female officer that is always wearing a pair of goggles? That just looked weird.

Really what does any of this have to do with the story? Of course, one could also argue what does hunting an alien criminal in ancient Egypt have to do with the story, and you're right, it doesn't. But at leat that was interesting and exciting, this just feels like filler.

But once everyone meets up, the story begins it's fanboy orgasms, but too late because everything is over.

Whatever, we now have the setup out of the way and can move onto the actual story. Bring it!
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