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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I understand that part, just questioning why CBS would be concerned with the game at that deep a level, exactly how strong which ships should be. That doesn't ring true to me...
I suppose it's POSSIBLE that every single person at Cryptic who's ever spoken on this issue, and it's a lot of them, has lied both in public and less-public conversations. What, exactly, would be their motivation for doing so?
Honestly, I've stopped believing in (and even listening to) most of what comes out of Cryptic. Too many broken promises, intentions that never actually matched reality, etc.

For an easy example, if they can fix the android 'reward' for the 700 Vets before anyone earns the 1000 day reward, it would be appreciated. Or we could talk about KDF, or content in general, fixing PvP, how FEs were originally called Weeklies (and then became several times a year, then took a year off, then the new plan was DEFINITELY 2x a year, now after doing exactly ONE of those, it's on hiatus, possibly for good). New content is coming soon! In a month or two! By October! As soon as the buyout is through! After F2P conversion. Oh crap, it's been over a year! Could keep going a while, but I'm sure you got the picture.

As far as motivation, I'm not believing in the conspiracy theory you're trying to paint me with. All it takes is someone higher up (say, Dan) to tell the team that "well, CBS said..." and then they'd be repeating that to us. Doesn't have to be a vast thing where they're all lying to us individually. If they were told CBS said it, they'd be repeating it to us.

Just seems like a really convenient excuse, and doesn't make any sense for CBS to be that down in the weeds as far as this game goes. Big things, using characters/voices, theme of game, etc? Sure. Whether a ship (that's already in the game) is Level 1 or 2 seems a bit too micro-managing. Could be wrong, just seems an odd detail, and on the other hand, is a very convenient excuse for not doing things Cryptic doesn't want to. Makes a nice "gee, I'd love to help you , and we're all on the same side here, but you see, CBS said..."

End of the day, their shoddy customer relations/service hasn't done them any favors, and it's tough to believe anything they say at this point. Burned too many times. Maybe CBS IS micro-managing them at the ship tier level, but they just don't have any credibility with me anymore. I don't believe in anything unless they RELEASE it, and even then, they have a tendency to go back and nerf it later....
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