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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Well I finally logged into Tribble for the first time today to have a look at the upcoming Season 6 content. One of the first things I did was to check out the new fleet ships and to be honest I got lost looking at the information so I spent a little time creating a table to try and understand the differences between Refits, Retrofits and Fleet Retrofits.

STO Starship Database

From the database, I could draw a few conclusions.

* Fleet Retrofit is the best version of the ship, followed by Retrofit.

* The original ship tier matters. Simply put, don't ever get the Tier 5 Fleet Retrofit version of a Tier 2 ship. The Tier 5 ship will have less hull hitpoints, less shields and fewer console slots when compared to other Tier 5 Fleet Retrofits.

The effect the most significant for Science Vessels. The Tier 5 Nova and Olympic class ships have significantly lesser hull hitpoints and shield modifiers when compared with their Trident, Intrepid, Luna and Nebula counterparts.

Things are a little strange for escort ships as the Akira class of ships were missing on Tribble and I could not find upgrades for the Prometheus. So from what I could observe, only the Defiant, Saber and Hermes class received upgrades. Out of the three classes that received upgrades, the Saber class can be discounted as its hull and shield modifiers are weaker than the current "normal" versions of the Defiant and Prometheus. So that leaves only two escort classes worth upgrading, the Defiant and Hermes. The Defiant Fleet Retrofit has 33k hull, 0.9 shield modifier, 3eng/5tac/2sci consoles and 3 Tactical bridge officers. Personally, I find the Hermes Fleet Patrol Escort to be much more well rounded and beefier ship with 34.1k hull, 0.99 shield modifier, 4eng/4tac/2sci consoles, looses an Ensign Tactical station but gains an Ensign Universal station.

For cruisers, the Stargazer Fleet Retrofit is the worst of the bunch with only 39,600 hull and a shield modifier of 0.95. In comparison, the other cruisers have a base hull of at least 42,000 and a shield modifier of at least 1.1. The Odyssey, Galaxy, Sovereign and Star Cruiser classes are now all very comparable cruisers. As the Excelsior did not get upgraded, the Sovereign Fleet Retrofit is now a better version of the Excelsior. Galaxy Fleet Retrofit has the beefiest hull at 44,000 hitpoints and the Odysseys have the best shield modifier of 1.15.
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