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Re: 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon? Mommy porn outsells Potter and Twili

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I saw some woman in WH Smiths the other day buying all three books. My first thought was, isn't it a risk to buy all three when you might not even get into the first? My second was how huge they are! The nature of the books aside I just envisage there must be some kind of global conspiracy sub plot to justify the wordage!!

A friend of mine was explaining some of the sex scenes to me the other day, my neice was wittering on on Facebook about getting it to see what all the fuss was about, and there was even some woman on the bus today wafting it around! It's every bloody where!

As a writer with pretentions of making it someday, I find the entire thing both incredibly depressing and yet curiously uplifting at the same time.

Now you know all you have to do is write a book that's basically a mid-life crisis and it'll sell.
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